Greetings, blossoming Arminists!

I welcome you to the Arminism Wiki. Please, feel free to explore our so-far shallow waters (as Arminism is still developing). Hopefully, our little pond will soon become an ocean; as big as the world outside the walls.

Welcome to the Arminism WikiEdit

Arminism - The religion of Armin Arlert of Attack on Titan.

"Humans and titans alike have destroyed the walls with no interference with the human government. The walls cannot be trusted. Only a brilliant mind like that of Armin Arlert can lead us out of this dark time and allow us to seize back lands from the titans," Says Christina, one of the founders of Arminism.


Arminism is based on the Attack on Titan character Armin Arlert  (アルミン・アルレルト, Arumin Arureruto). 

The children of Arminism are called Arminists. Their main belief is that Armin Arlert is superior to his evil twin Legout. Arminists strongly disagree with the ways Wallists and Legoutists think.

"How will they save us?" Ezra, a Wallist, refers to Armin Arlert and Marco Bodt, better known as Freckled Jesus. 

"They are flawed humans, but the walls are stronger, and are the only way we can be protected! If you accept these two idols, the gods will plague us with more titans as a punishment for our lack of faith!"

Meg, an Arminist, retorts strongly with her beliefs.

"The walls have no hearts and only trap us. The walls may give us temporary protection, but never true freedom. Only human leadership may remove us from the shadow of their oppression."

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