A debate between Arminists Meg, Emi, Christina, and Legoutist Katie.

Debate 1Edit

Legoutism vs ArmismEdit

"Legout is not evil. He wants to take over the world for reasons you do not understand. He will rid the world of foolish Arminists, and maybe even the Wallists if they get in his way. This is the best way to solve things – with violence against humans. Titans, though, are a different story. By befriending these titans, we can rid the earth of bothersome Arminists. We can rid the world of the bothersome Armin Arlert." 

Legoutist Katie snarls. 

"Arminism will protect humanity, from Titans and humans alike! By making such a statement Legout has allied himself with the Titans and such a betrayal of humanity cannot be tolerated. Henceforth he shall be treated the same as any of the other shifters who have foregone humanity."

Arminist Meg states. 

"Who wants to protect humanity besides foolish Arminists? Legout wants to wipe out humanity, for why would there be titans if humanity didn’t deserve to live? Who cares about the ocean? Who cares about anything in the outside world? Nothing matters to Legout, and that is how it should be. Humanity was almost put to extinction for a reason. Arminism is a foolish religion of foolish people." 

Katie retorts. 

"Not caring is no way for anyone to live! If nothing matters, why is Legout even DOING anything? Humanity has survived for a century in spite of the Titans, and now humans like the Titan shifters are using their powers against them! Humanity has persevered and Armin is the best proof of that. He wants to see the outside world and he knows how to do it. Humanity will never lose hope as long as it has Armin Arlert." 

Christina enters the conversation. 

"Legout doesn’t want other people to care. But people keep caring, and caring, and caring about everything, and he says that it’s so annoying! So he wants to wipe out the people who care- all of the Arminists. You will all perish for caring. It doesn’t matter if he is insane, or his ideas are warped and disgusting to Arminist eyes. To us Legoutists, we understand why he is doing this. Humanity should follow one ruler, and one only, and become allies with the titans. That way, us Legoutists are safe from the titans, and anybody who disagrees will fall, even this ‘Armin’ of yours. Legoutists will be safe and live in peace among titans, while humanity suffers because they were simply not smart enough to convert to Legoutism." 

Katie does not back down.

"That's just as bad as being under another tyrant, not to mention mass genocide!" 

Emi barges into the conversation.

"Even if you wipe out the Arminists, humanity will go on caring! Everyone cares about something; those like Legout who claim not to clearly have lost something that they do care about. The solution is not to squash out hope and love but to allow humanity the chance to survive and live a fulfilling life."

"The typical "I will force my beliefs on everyone else regardless of what they want." He claims to be smart, but really he's not at all if he can't even recognize the best part of people, which is their individuality. He poses no threat." 

Meg concludes. 

Additionally, Armin has saved humanity multiple times already. What's one more conceited human after thousands of Titans? Just one more allying with Titans. Moreover one whose motivations are so small and severely underestimate the power of humanity, and of Arminism.