Arminism is the religion of Armin Arlert in Attack on Titan. Not to be confused with Legoutism.

Arminism vs LegoutismEdit

Legoutism is one of the most direct and main rival religions of Arminism. Legoutists believe that Armin Arlert is weak. But the Arminists think otherwise.

"Legout is strong, unlike Armin. He knows what to do to take over the world; knows how to get on the titans' good side. He hasn't told anybody yet because he needs to keep his plans private in case there are any traitors among his group of followers. He will tell us in time."

Ashley, a Legoutist, states, proud of her religion. Arminists don't agree with her though.

"Excuse you! Armin is not strong, you say? There are many different types of strength and that is the whole point of Armin. Armin has made it through so much and he keeps pushing foward. He's got courage, and he's gone brains. So much brains. He figured out Annie in five seconds flat and he can do the same to Legout."

Meg, an Arminist, argues, and the conversation closes.

Arminism vs WallismEdit

Wallism is the second main rival religion of Arminism. Wallists believe that the Walls are what save us, and the Walls above all should be respected and are not to be tampered with. 

Below is a conversation between three Arminists, Meg, Kay, and Christina, and a Wallist, Ezra.

"The walls are more powerful than anything! Even you combined are nothing compared to Rose, Sina, and Maria! Repent from your pagan ways and covert to Wallism!"

Says Ezra angrily.

"No, you blasphemist! You must accept Armin and Freckled Jesus as your saviors!"

Christina argues.

"How will they save us? They are flawed humans, but the walls are stronger, and are the only way we can be protected! If you accept these two idols, the gods will plague us with more titans as punishment for our lack of faith!"

Ezra retorts.

"The walls have no hearts and only trap us! The walls may give us temporary protection, but never freedom. Only human leadership may remove us from the shadow of their oppression."

Meg, another Arminist, joins the conversation, and Ezra is outnumbered two to one. He plows on.

"Human leadership that destroys the goddesses' work will never result in success! If we want to be free, we will make sure that the walls are unharmed by humans. They were given to us to protect us and they will allow us to live our lives freely in peace!"

Arminist Christina responds immediately, proclaiming that,

"Humans and titans alike have destroyed the walls with no interference by the human government. The walls cannot be trusted. Only a brilliant mind like that of Armin Arlert can lead us out of this dark time and allow us to seize back lands from the titans!"

Leah, neither part of Wallism, Arminism, or Legoutism, makes a suggestion to follow Levi, but is immediately shot down by Wallist, Ezra.

"People make mistakes, even Armin and Levi, whoever they are. But do walls? Of course not!"

Christina responds to this with a solid argument.

"Or it would be if the walls weren't kicked down three times in five years by a pair of teenage titan shifters! Stop your blasphemy and turn to the ways of Arlert!"

"It's because of people like you who refuse to believe in them! You will burn in the fires of a titan's stomach!"

Ezra responds angrily. Kay, another founder of the Arminism religion, intercepts.

"Human leadership is the only way to fight and win against the titans! We musn't hide like cowards behind these blasted walls!"

"Blasted?! The only thing that is blasted is your insane mind! The walls are the way to eternal life!"

Ezra retorts.

"If you believe that the walls can save us, you are the insane one!" Kay begins. "The walls will not hold forever, thus the walls will not protect us forever! See the world for how it is instead of being blinded by your belief that the walls can protect us eternally!"

Meg adds on to Kay's statement.

"Whether the walls get kicked down or not isn't the point. The point is humanity is not meant to live cooped up. Human curiosity and willpower drives us to spread, expand; explore. There is an entire world beyond the walls that is kept from us, that we are kept from by those walls. Through Arminism we will escape the confines of this cage, we will not need this cage. We will see the ocean."

The conversation comes to an end. It is up to you to believe what you want to believe, be it Arminism or Legoutism or Wallism.

Legoutists believe to take over the world and side with the titans, Wallists believe that we should stay behind these walls and never see the ocean, and Arminists believe that there is a whole world out of these walls, with seas of salt, flaming water, frozen earth, and plains of sand that are white as snow. Arminists believe that the outside world is many times bigger than the world inside the walls, and it should be explored.